Construction starts on Edintore Wind Farm

Work has begun on the 6 turbine wind farm at Edintore near Keith.

The project is being built by vento ludens in partnership with Koehler Renewable Energy. We have contracted Enercon and civil engineers Raymond Brown who have now started work on the site in preparation for the turbine foundations being laid. Turbines are due to start arriving on site in Spring next year and the wind farm should be operational by the summer of 2016. The 14.1MW project was originally granted planning permission in 24 August 2012

We plan to keep the local community and community councils informed through a series of newsletters, meetings and updates on the project website.


The first phase of construction will focus on activities on site, as the site access route and tracks are created.


Roy Hasson, project manager for Enercon said “It is a great project to work on and we have been able to take on local people for this project. In addition we are also planning to hire a range of specialist equipment locally for this project over the next six months.  Wind Farm construction is an important sector for us and the future of our business, generating valuable income for the whole company as well as benefitting local businesses and people in the communities where we work.  We hope to increase our requirements for long term service technicians based in the local area.”

Commenting on the project Nicolas Christoph, Corporate Director of Koehler Renewable Energy said: “We are very pleased to be contributing to the development of clean and renewable energy. We have been working with vento ludens on this project for some time and it is good to see work starting. We are also happy to be supporting local communities through the community benefit payments as part of this development.”


Mike Kelly, vento ludens Development Director said “It is great to see construction activities kicking off on site and we’re proud to be contributing to the energy mix and helping the Scottish government reach their renewable energy goals”.


The project will also bring significant community benefit funds into the local area for 25 years. Once the project is fully operational, £70k each year will be available to support local projects.


If you have any questions please contact Emma Bodiam (